Coronavirus Could Help Us Stop Polluting The Planet

Capitalism Feels Crazy When Contrasted with Experiences in Nature

Soft, beautiful moss in Stanmer Park, Brighton

Moss is so beautiful. The other day, when I was walking, I saw moss blanketing the ground beneath a huge tree. The moss looked so soft. I felt a strong urge to touch it so I wandered off the path, bent down and it was incredibly soft. I felt so happy in that moment, surrounded by trees, feeling that soft, natural substance beneath my finger tips. In that moment capitalism and Coronavirus didn’t exist. No-one demanded payment for me to have this experience. How crazy capitalism is in contrast! And yet I still have bills to pay and need to eat and my whole existence, right now, depends on making money. Thanks to Coronavirus, it’s really hitting home how wrong this system is. What are the alternatives?

What New Systems Can We Create That Feel Whole, Supportive and Collaborative?

Right now, I don’t know how to go from needing to make money to living and communing with nature (including other people) in wholesome ways. I think just moving services from physical venues to online isn’t the answer, although I have done this with my Mindful Movement and Expressive Art workshop. It’s a survival step in a system that we know. What new systems can we create that feel whole and supportive and collaborative? I’m going to let my brain work on this…

This is How I’d Like to Live – How About You?

The woods is where it’s at… a gnarly Yew at Stanmer Woods.

For me, it feels like it has something to do with living in the woods. Imagine a day in your life where you wake up as the sun rises, get up, meditate either alone in your yurt or outside on the grass with a bunch of other people, make breakfast, go for a walk, do something creative, play a game with someone, attend a workshop someone is running, help prepare lunch and eat together, someone sets up a slack line and you practice your balancing skills, then find somewhere to doze in the sunshine, then go and pick veggies for dinner, then someone comes and asks for a coaching session so we wander into the woods and come back with insight, feeling calm and light, then do some research until dinner. After dinner has been cleared away someone lights a fire and we all sit around it telling stories or singing and dancing, choosing an instrument to play that we’ve never played before. Imagine that. That’s how I’d like to live, off the top of my head. How about you?

Coronavirus Could Help The Planet

NO2 amounts have dropped with the coronavirus quarantine, Chinese New Year, and a related economic slowdown – 2 March 2020. Source: NASA Earth Observatory. Unfortunately, the levels are rising again as people go back to work.

Capitalism is not working for us (except the few rich people at the top of the food chain) or the planet. It pits us against each other and makes services and products exclusive. It sells plastic crap that pollutes our seas and kills the creatures living in them. Coronavirus has had a positive effect on the planet in respect to NO2 levels dropping (see photo above). However, the levels will rise again if people head back to their habitual ways of living.

This Earth is Our Home – We Can Choose How to Live

Guerilla gardening our public land to grow veggies could be the way forward for our health and our economy.

We were born into this system created by the Great White Male, but we can choose to reject it and design our own ways of living. For example, why not use our public land around blocks of flats and houses to grow community food instead of buying it? That’s way more sustainable than having veggies driven in from airports, where they’ve come from across the world. You don’t need to wait for permission to do this. This is not the council’s land. It’s everyone’s!

This land could be used to grow vegetables…

This is a time of radical adaptation and we can choose to make our lives better. Imagine a world without capitalism – less anxiety, more collaboration and sharing. These things do occur within capitalism, of course, but now’s our chance to make them the norm and not the exception. No more bills, more free time, and more creativity is what I’d like to see. What changes would you like to see?

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