Mindful Movement and Expressive Art Wonder ONLINE Workshop – April 2020

This event will is being held online so you can attend from the safety of your own home.

Combining mindful movement and expressive art helps you to:

  • feel grounded and calm,
  • express non-verbal feelings/sensations/thoughts using art materials,
  • tap into embodied creativity, and
  • gain insights into yourself and others.

The first part of the workshop involves some gentle, chair-based movements, which can be done with your eyes closed or open. Every movement is an invitation and you can choose whether to do the movement, or not, or do a different movement. You’ll be invited to note sensations, based on the authentic experience of the facilitator, and it might be that you don’t feel a sensation or you feel one somewhere else.

In the second part of the workshop you’ll be invited to use any materials you have at home to make something of your choosing, which could be based on your movement experience, or could be something else entirely. If you feel critical of your creative skills, you can choose to use your non-preferential hand to make your creation to ease the self-criticism. You might choose a biro and a piece of paper, or sewing textiles or making a sculpture of household objects.

The third part of the workshop is where we share our experiences in small groups of 2 or 3 people, if we want to. There is no pressure. The facilitator will hold the space in a nonjudgmental and empathic way so that you can safely share your experience. We will spend a few minutes at the start of the workshop to create some ground rules to encourage this sense of safety.

Based in the principles of Trauma Sensitive Yoga, the mindful movements are trauma informed. However, this workshop is not a therapy workshop, although it may feel therapeutic. If you have experienced hospital admission within the last six months for trauma-related crisis, this workshop is not suitable for you.

There will be a few minutes at the end to give feedback, if you choose to. Feedback from previous sessions:

“I felt more relaxed and left stresses behind.”

“I felt more relaxed, and conscious/aware of the ‘space’; more grounded.”

“I felt grounded. It was calming. My anxiety faded.”

“Feeling a lot calmer and more grounded. Freed from some negative emotions. It’s affirming regarding not just my life, but life.”

The workshop will be held online via Zoom. You will be emailed a link when you book your ticket. This means you can attend the workshop in the safety of your own home. You’ll need to find a quiet space with a chair and have the materials handy that you want to use for the creative part of the session.

The workshop starts at 7pm so it might be a good idea to arrive about 6.55pm so we can start on time.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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