Wonder Walk and Talk in Stanmer Park – March 2020


Stanmer Park

Brighton, BN1 9PY

Brighton, England, GB, BN1 9PY

Trees! It’s so nice to be around them, and even nicer when we’re walking and supporting each other in our desired outcomes. We’ll have a silent walk to begin with, and then we’ll do some structured walking and talking exercises for you to explore what you would like to have happen in your life.

What’s an outcome? An outcome is something you’d really love to have happen in your life and something you can create the conditions for. Here’s a question to help your brain get started on forming an outcome: what would you like to have happen? It could be a small or large vision for yourself, and / or the world. I invite you to think about an outcome beforehand so you’re prepared. You’ll leave knowing more than you did at the start and you might have some options for next steps. 

At the start I’ll share some group guidelines and we’ll set some boundaries around what we talk about. This group is for coaching, not therapy; it’s for what you would like more of, not less of. If you need to talk in-depth about things that are holding you back, please do contact me, and we can arrange a one to one session for that.

You’ll need to be able to walk comfortably on uneven paths to attend this event.

We’ll meet at the entrance to the small carpark on the right as you enter Stanmer Park. I’ll be wearing a red jacket. We’ll set off on our walk by 10:40am promptly so it’s best to arrive early, about 10:20am.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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