Self-coaching snippet

I wrote this snippet of self-coaching yesterday morning in my journal and thought I’d share it as you might like to try it for yourself (notice the questions I ask myself) or you might like me to coach you. This gives you a tiny insight into what coaching with me might be like (warm, accepting, partnering):

I’m feeling small and vulnerable.

What do I need?


What kind of safety?

Warm mother’s love.

Where is that?

In heart.

And when warm mother’s love is in heart and small and vulnerable needs safety, what could happen?

Warm mother’s love embraces small and vulnerable and small and vulnerable relaxes and snuggles.

And then what happens?

Warm mother’s love gently rocks small and vulnerable and sings quietly, “it’s okay, you are loved.”

And then what happens?

Small and vulnerable falls asleep and warm mother’s love tucks her into bed in heart. She is safe. I feel grounded and calm now and not jangly like before. Wow.

If you’d like to try a coaching session, contact me, and we’ll set one up for free – try before you buy kinda thing :).

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