Square Dots #2 – a work in progress

Square Dots #2
Acrylic on canvas
12 x 12 in

Square Dots #2 is my second experiment in pure abstract expressionism. You can see Square Dots #1 here. Again, I followed the process of painting lines of magenta, then yellow, then blue dots from the outside edge of the canvas. Then I painted a white glaze over the canvas and began the process again until there wasn’t room to continue. Finally I sanded the whole canvas so that the whited out dots are visible again. What started as a square on this canvas ended as a triangle in the middle. I was quite careless with the dots, not worrying about their size or shape. After thinking it was finished, I hung the painting on the wall and then had an urge to paint the canvas black. I like that you can see the the dots under the black paint. This painting is not finished yet but you might like to see the process photos so far:

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