Following the Rules

Once upon a time a girl sighed.

She didn’t want to do what her mum told her…

Get dressed!

Get ready for school!

Eat your breakfast now!

Go and brush your teeth!

She wanted to stare at the amber glow of the fire

And wonder at its warmth,

Appreciating the cold pockets of air

Here and there

Instead of the uniform blanket heat

She thought would be there.

She wondered why,

Her favourite question,

And began to imagine

Little holes in the air

And what that might look like

If air had colour.

But her mum interrupted

Her flow of thoughts

With her demands and instructions

So she sighed and complied.

But she never stopped daydreaming

Even at school.

As the maths teacher

Spoke of equations that bored her,

She looked out the window

At the rolling hills

And wondered about weather

And what it would be like

If wind had colour

Although she could already see

The long term effects on trees.

She wanted to gaze as

Different coloured particles

Whinnied and whirled

And danced and floated

Around each other,

Showing the shapes of

Wind turrets that birds glide on,

Building castles in the sky

And she almost began to see it when

“Julia! Stop daydreaming!”

Same command, different person.

Why were they so attached to their rules?

She sighed and dragged her mind

To the complicated array of problems to solve.

Was this you when you were a child? 

Do you still follow the rules when you could be creating your own way? 

I can help you go your own way by getting to know the beautiful parts of you that you’ve disowned. 

Reach out for your 30 minute coaching conversation so we can find out if we’re a good fit to work together


Julia xxx

P.S. For the sake of transparency, my coaching session fee rate is £66 for single sessions or if you book and pay for 3 in advance, it’s £165, a saving of £33.