Coaching sessions will give you invaluable insight and clarity, which you can put to use in your life and work immediately. If you are ready to own the process and commit to making progressive and sustainable change in your life, book your free 30 minute consultation session now. I only have two spaces available right now.

Using art materials or objects to represent aspects of relationships or situations helps my clients to gain clarity and insight. These are ways of externalising what’s in your head, which stops it going round and gives you perspective and opportunities to change things.

I am interested in providing the conditions for psychological freedom to express whatever you need to symbolically, i.e. metaphors, or drawing, or using objects, or movement, or talking, to name a few ways. This means I have unconditional positive regard and empathy for you, alongside of non-judgement. Here is a client case study:

Rebecca – empowered to set and maintain boundaries

As someone who has survived emotional, physical and sexual abuse in childhood (and adulthood), I am interested in supporting other survivors of abuse. I trained as a Life Coach in 2006, have done loads of psychological work for my own healing (which is ongoing – a lifetime of learning), and am trauma informed. I am insured and have regular supervision. I work by phone or Zoom / Skype and offer a free 30 minute consultation. I have capacity to work with four clients maximum. I currently have two open spaces – claim yours now by contacting me.

Check out my resources page for books and organisations that may help you on your healing journey.