As we head deeper into the Corona Virus crisis, it may be time to rethink our lives, especially as we may go into and out of isolation for the next 18 months. I am offering six session coaching packages at a PAY WHAT YOU CAN rate to accommodate the fact that these times are hitting some people hard financially and others not so hard.

  • Are we living from integrity and values?
  • What are the conditions for living from integrity and values?
  • Is that possible in a capitalist economy?
  • What changes would you like to make personally?
  • What do you need?

Coaching (by phone or Skype) can help you answer these questions and provide accountability to create the conditions for it to happen. Many factors are involved in adapting to the current crisis and creating the conditions for you to feel safe, okay and thrive! Message me directly and we can work it out together.

Hi, I am Julia Fry and I’ve spent the last ten years doing research and experiments to recover from childhood trauma. This website has loads of resources and stories for you to take what you need for your own recovery.

If, along the way, you’d like support to live your life in healthily creative ways and from a sense of purpose and integrity, I offer creative Life Coaching that is trauma-informed. Feel free to contact me for coaching.

I know what it’s like to feel dark despair – I’ve been there at rock bottom, isolated and alone with suicidal thoughts. I also know how it is to feel so excited and inspired by the things I’ve chosen for my life (like learning to play the ukulele and creative projects) that it’s hard to sleep! Of course, there are still things I’m working out for myself and I really appreciate the relationships (personal and professional) that help me do this.

One of the tenets of recovery is self-care. It is so, so important and that’s why I’m writing a self-care journal, which you’ll be able to download for free soon – watch this space!

Ultimately, I’m interested in changing our societies from those that allow trauma to happen to one that is respectful of difference and supports everyone’s needs – the Wonderland Community. Do contact me if you’re interested in hearing more about this!