Hello and thanks for stopping by. I’m Julia Fry and I have coached neurodivergent people since 2006, when I completed my coach training. 

Neurodivergence has two ‘strands’: the hardwired type, like ADHD / ASD / Dyslexia / Dyspraxia, to name just 4; and the trauma-related type like PTSD / Anxiety and Depression / OCD, etc.

I have living experience of ADHD / ASD (self-diagnosed and awaiting assessment), and lived experience of PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, and Social Anxiety. This allows me to freely empathise with clients who share these and other aspects that can negatively affect mental health.

I am anti-ableist and an activist for creating social change so that workplaces feel welcoming to people of all abilities. I understand how the often unconscious discrimination that is rife in our societies can affect mental health. Many neurodivergent people internalise discrimination and experience hyper self-criticism as a result. I wrote a book about this, which you can find out more about by clicking this link.

I offer therapeutic coaching sessions in which we identify goals and changes you wish to make, using your strengths to achieve them. Click here to read Max’s testimonial to get a feel for my work.

Single sessions are £65.