image of julia fry

I have coached neurodivergent people since 2006, when I completed my coach training. The way I work is bespoke to your needs. We use our first session to understand what you’d like to work on and together we define some specific goals for our time together. In each session I listen to you and ask questions or make suggestions and you can decide what we work on. You might like to set tasks for you to do in between sessions. We can review the tasks in the following session and what, if anything, got in the way of doing them. We review our process at regular intervals (every 3rd session) to celebrate what’s working and see what we might need to change to meet your goals. At the end of the process we do a final review to notice what you’ve learnt about yourself, and decide what your next steps are in relation to your goals.

In terms of my personal experience, I have had my own journey with PTSD and ADHD. I stopped coaching in 2010 for 7 years due to a breakdown. Childhood trauma began to emerge via PTSD flashbacks in 2007. A combination of coaching, therapy, and my own somatic and mindfulness-based experiments has been the foundation for my recovery. I have recently begun to understand how the trauma affected and related to being ADHD, and how I’ve instinctively masked that, and inadvertently created many coping strategies. My lived experience helps me relate to clients, but, ultimately, we are all different so I like to honour those differences and draw on the similarities only if appropriate.

I offer a free 20 minute consultation over Zoom.