Born: Weymouth, Dorset, UK 1971
Lives: Brighton, Sussex, UK

I use drawing as a coping mechanism and a learning tool. I set myself a couple of rules and when I, inevitably, break the rules I include a new rule to try to incorporate the bit that doesn’t fit. It’s a bit like making up a story or trying to make laws of physics fit together. The relief it provides from the uncertainty of life is immense: I can get lost in blurring one colour into another. I taught myself to blend using these techniques. My drawings often represent a state of mind or something psychological that I don’t have words for. Painting is an intuitive task for me; I begin doing something without knowing where it will go.

I began painting and drawing again in my 30s, having given them up for journalling as a way of expressing in my teenage years. After my paintings became quite sculptural, I found I needed movement to describe my experience and filmmaking provided that.  I studied Moving Image at the University of Brighton as a mature student, graduating in 2015. At first, I felt compelled to fictionalise and document the traumatic events of my childhood, but I don’t think this actually helped me find the catharsis I was looking for. In fact, I think it was re-traumatising, so I don’t watch those films and they are not available for others to watch. Gradually, my focus went outwards and I love making films about inspiring places and people.

In 2006 I graduated as a Psychological Coach and have been using my skills to help people explore their inner worlds since then. My mission, particularly in 2018, has been to find ways to help myself and others heal from complex trauma and my coaching work is now trauma informed. I invite clients to use art materials, metaphors, movement, objects, and talking to explore their mindscapes, become more aware of their interoception, and express what cannot be expressed using words. Although this work may be therapeutic, it is not therapy, and I recommend you work with a qualified psychotherapist in conjunction with it. I have regular supervision, and I am insured.

Exhibitions and Workshops

2018 Mind Game: overcoming irrational fear in climbing at Adur Centre, Shoreham
2018 Creating Healthy Food Habits at Vegfest, Brighton Centre, Kings Road, Brighton
2017 The Inner Resources Workshop at The Coach House, Walpole Road, Brighton
2017 The Inner Resources Workshop at my home in Brighton
2015 Singularity at University of Brighton Gallery, Grand Parade, Brighton
2014 Play in my Flat at my home in Brighton
2014 Not Punch and Judy at University of Brighton Gallery, Grand Parade, Brighton


2015 BA (Hons) Moving Image at University of Brighton
2012 Access to Humanities and Social Sciences at Varndean College, Brighton
2009 NCFE 1 Art and Design at City College Brighton and Hove
2005 Certificate in Life Coaching at Newcastle College
1988 BTEC First Diploma in Business and Finance at Grantham College
1987 English, Maths, History, Biology, French Studies at Walton Girls’ School, Grantham

Professional Development
2018 Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga 20 Hour Foundation Workshop, London
2018 Graphic Novels Real Life Stories at Phoenix Gallery, Brighton
2006 Associate Certified Coach at International Coach Federation, London
2006 Certificate of Coaching Skills at Coaching Development Ltd, London
2004 Certificate in Life Coaching at Newcastle College of Further Education