Access to Work Coaching

Whether you have a diagnosis or are self-diagnosed with one or more neurodivergences, living in a neurotypical world can feel alienating. Not least because those terms suggest you’re diverting from the norm. What even is that?! Before I go off on a rant about ableism being one of the roots of evil in our society, let’s focus on what we can do to help you level the (currently unfair) playing field.

If you’re struggling at work with time management, task management, sequencing, communication, a boss who doesn’t understand, a culture that pays lip service to equality, and the pain that comes with any or all of that and more, I can help. I provide (government funded) Access to Work strategy and co-coaching to help you get the reasonable adjustments you deserve and to help start the culture change necessary for real, asymmetric equality to exist.

My flavour of coaching is slightly different to the mainstream. I exist to create transformation at the personal and organisational levels. What’s the point in feeling great about yourself and working in an organisation that doesn’t get you? Well, you’d probably leave and go somewhere better so that’s all good, but what if we can create social change in the place you’re at? If it’s possible we can do it!

Often, the government Access to Work Assessors recommend strategy coaching and co-coaching with your boss if you don’t feel accepted in your workplace. I recommend we work together to explore your needs to begin with and then bring your manager in when we’re ready to help them understand you better. It often helps them to learn some general things about your neurodivergence(s) and some things that affect a lot of people in your position, like RSD (rejection sensitivity dysphoria), masking and ableism. I create personalised presentations to help them learn this. In this way, they may get to empathise and may feel inspired to properly support you (and others in the work environment).

Have you applied for Access to Work funding?


Great! Reach out for a chat with me about what to expect and if we get on, you can let your workplace know that you’ve chosen me as your coach.


You might like to apply now via the government website. If you’d like a chat with me about what to expect, reach out – I’d love to help.

Want coaching for your life, not work?

Not really bothered about Access to Work but would like some coaching on managing relationships, children, home life, entrepreneurial tasks (you can get Access to Work funding too if you’re self-employed), or anything else where your brain seems to be getting in the way rather than helping you? Reach out and let me know what your situation is. As a head’s up, I charge a sliding scale of £100 to £65 a session, depending on your circumstances (I trust you to choose the fee that fits you). If we’re not a good match, for whatever reason, I will recommend someone who might be.