Locus of Evaluation Part 1

Perhaps the most fundamental condition of creativity is that the source or locus of evaluative judgement is internal.

Carl Rogers (1998)

When I was thirteen my art teacher told me I wasn’t good enough to do art at ‘O’ Level and I believed him. Perhaps what he actually meant was, “you enjoy making art too much. You don’t take it seriously.” I used to sing and make noises and talk during my mark making. I once drew a still life that had the words, “ahhh, shit!” in it (I drew what I saw). Perhaps he disliked my enthusiasm because he’d lost his own. I didn’t take art seriously. It was fun. Until he told me I wasn’t good enough. I stopped making art and began journalling instead.

Using a journal is a great way of externalising what’s in your head and helping you move forward in your thinking. I invite my coaching clients to keep a journal during their coaching journey as it can help them reflect on various aspects of themselves and their relationships to people, events, things… It can also be used for creative writing and drawing. There are many ways of journalling and it can be as unique as you are.
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