Vertigirls: Cornwall (2017)

I joined the Vertigirls in March 2017. Vertigirls is a climbing club for women with ‘additional needs’ and it’s run by Christine, who is a passionate and inclusive leader. The main objective of the club is to empower women through the sport of rock climbing. Just before club’s trip to Cornwall in August 2017 Christine decided to make a film to enter into the British Mountaineering Club’s Women in Adventure Film Competition. Christine engaged Katy Beswetherick as camera-person and they hired a DV camcorder. Katy is a climbing coach with no experience in making films. After the trip Katy and I got together to look at the footage and I offered to edit the film.

The film is a mix of interviews overlaid with moving images of the women climbing, still images and mobile phone footage. The film conveys the need for love and support that the women give each other as they learn climbing skills and challenge themselves. The film was entered into the BMC Women in Adventure Film Competition 2018 but didn’t win anything. You can watch the film here.

Vertigirls website is here.


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