Max’s Testimonial

I was hyper critical of myself. To the point where I could be frozen on stairs for an hour or two not wanting to move for fear of making the wrong decision. This revealed itself to be linked to deep emotional trauma that I had suffered through childhood as a result of domestic abuse. I knew there were issues that needed to be unpacked but this showed me how deep the weed roots went. 

I was repeating behaviour that I felt was unhealthy but it was automatic, and I was frustrated/ angry at myself that it was happening. With Julia’s help I found that I had made many of these behaviours to protect myself and survive during childhood and they were still hanging on. These automatic rules and behaviours were affecting every part of my life in ways I was not initially  aware of. 

The sessions gave me the space to acknowledge that I don’t need these damaging behaviours anymore, to let go and make more relevant behaviour or action patterns. 

I was hesitant about the time investment as I’ve previously undergone therapy that left me shaken with not enough recovery time but I was able to explore and deep dive into investigating and understanding certain behaviours, beliefs or childhood experiences and bringing it back into the present and what it meant for me now. It was an organic and patient way of reflecting. 

I knew that there were things that I wanted to work on but I wasn’t sure whether it would be worth the effort and, more than that, I didn’t know if I was worth the effort. But I realised that nothing would change unless I put aside the time to gradually work on it. I acknowledged that, in the long run, giving myself this time/space to develop these tools would help me change these habits and improve my relationships with others I care about. These behaviours didn’t just appear overnight and they weren’t going to be changed overnight either, and if I was going to feel better about myself then I needed to engage and put the effort in.

I’ve always thought Julia is just a wholesome and genuine human being. She cares and dedicates time to making sure her sessions are a non judgemental, patient and kind space. 

During the sessions, her voice and tone is calm, patient and warm. The way that she structures her sessions and the methods she uses are unlike any other session I have been in. It centres around the journey of exploring or reviewing one focus point without distraction and instead of being overwhelmed by everything. By choosing and investigating that one thing, action, behaviour or situation it really helps hone in on what’s happening, why has it been happening, and what its relevance is in relation to other things in your life. And I found practical, clear steps towards something better.

Julia helped guide me along through my past and helped make a new path for myself by breaking down the picture and putting it back together again. I feel able to let go and gently refocus on the new picture and ways forward. 

I’ve learned a lot about myself in these sessions that I hadn’t given myself the space to learn or reflect on. 

I would strongly recommend Julia and her sessions to anyone wanting to gain more self awareness and transition into behaviours that are healthier. 

Max Massie

Sports Massage Therapist

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