Is Pain Part of Creativity?

Despair, 16 x 16 cm, pigment pen and colour pencils on paper

Is pain part of creativity? It seems to be for me. Often, I begin creating a piece of art because I’m in psychological pain and it can transform that pain into healing. The drawing above began on the anniversary of my father’s suicide. Despair was what I was feeling and, somehow, I was able to tap into that feeling and watch it take shape on paper. By externalising it and writing in my journal about it, I could understand it more. I wrote a blog post about the beginning of this process.

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Cruel Britannia

Cruel Britannia (2020)
Found object, string, and acrylic on canvas
39 x 39 x 4 cm

I was thinking about the transportation of slaves from British colonies to Britain whilst making this painting. The painting consists of a found object – a broken pole – attached to the canvas with string and everything painted white. The string and pole form a shape similar to the British flag and are reflections of shipping, oppression and bondage.

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