The Beauty of the Setting Sun

This photo shows the light of the setting sun on trees at Stanmer Park. I just love the orangey purple of the light on the branches and the contrasting areas of shade. As I walked through the woods I felt utter joy at the gorgeous display. It was incredibly cold but even so I felt I had to stand and gaze in places because my heart felt so full of beauty. I can feel myself getting ready to paint.

Part of my preparation for creativity process is to get the next canvas ready. I put the stretcher bars together, measure out the canvas, then lay it all on my table. It’s a workout for my thumbs to pull the canvas tight and hold it in place so I can staple it. When it’s done I feel satisfied. I look at it and wonder what it will become.

Maybe it’ll be a reflection of my feelings about the beautiful oranges and purples of the sun’s rays. Or maybe it’ll be a collaboration. Perhaps you’d like me to create a piece from your three favourite colours. Perhaps you’d like to tell me something about yourself that I could weave into the abstract artwork. It could be as unique as you. Would you like that? Email me for more details…

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