Being Human is Weird and Wonderful

Being Human, 16 x 16 cm, colour pencils on paper

This drawing I made yesterday feels disturbing. It’s kind of insect-like, yet has an ‘as above, so below’ feel to it. But the grey half is different to the colourful half. It’s like the colour has sucked itself out to exist for a while as colour and will eventually return. The colour is dancing, going, “I am here!” It is attached to the grey thing, is still part of it, but has, briefly, taken another form. It feels separate but isn’t. I think it’s about being human.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Being Human is Weird and Wonderful”

  1. I see this as something colorful rising from the unknown. There could be a deep story connected to this, like being human, a seemingly separate flesh and blood entity as you state, and more. Very mysterious indeed. Seems metaphorical to me.

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