Cold Medical Model Didn’t See Me

You left me.


I needed help.

You turned away.

Hardened yourself.

Wrote a prescription.

Sent me home.

In a fix,

Not fixed.

I took them.

You were the authority.

I didn’t trust you.

I gave in.

Took your quick fix

That didn’t work.

I left defeated.


Uncared for.


Cold medical model.

Didn’t see me,

My personhood.

Didn’t celebrate me.

Did care that

I was alone

In a cold flat

With concrete floors.

Didn’t ask about

My social context,

My loves,

My soul,

My purpose.

Just saw me

As broken.

But I knew,


I was not.

I knew and

I used art

To keep me safe,

Express my selves,

My needs,

My wants,

My power,

My desire,

And I glued

Your pills to my canvas

To remind me that

It’s your authority that’s broken.

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