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  • A River of Rage Resides in Me

    A river of rage resides in me And I am building it for you to see. Because it needs acknowledging; It needs to be let out to Burn everything in its path. Hot lava rushing through, Setting fire to all it touches, Licking gently at its victims As they turn to ashes.

  • The Birds and the Dragon: Fear and Love

    Once upon a time a creature emerged from the deep blue lake and surprised the birds nearby into silence. Gazing at the birds with a sort of recognition, the creature smiled. The birds saw the creature’s giant lips peel back and sharp yellowy teeth glistened in the sunlight. Bobbing down, the birds prepared for flight […]

  • Why Abstract Art is Better Than Figurative Art

    In therapy this week I allowed my inner 5 year old child to paint and she painted this abstract piece (and told a gruesome story about a butterfly and an ant). As she painted I realised I never liked making figurative images (except cartoon faces, which I drew loads of when I was a little […]

  • Artists Responding With Love

    This postcard is my response to the affect of Covid and Black Lives Matter on me. The collective trauma of Covid-19 sparked memories of personal childhood trauma, which I was able to hold and work through. When the Black Lives Matter movement swelled, I connected with it as a feminist. All of this broke my heart […]

  • Lonely Teenage Part Discovered Whilst Painting Dots

    I tapped into a teenage part of me whilst painting dots. I was feeling lonely. One of the things I love about painting is the meditative aspect. I can sit and be aware of thoughts, feelings and sensations without the need to act on them because I’ve dedicated myself to the task of painting dots. […]

  • Square Dots #1: sexism and dinero

    If you would like to know the price of Square Dots #1 contact me. If that statement makes you nervous, there‚Äôs no pressure to buy. Do feel free to ask me questions about my work. Read on for insights into my painting process…

  • Square Dots #2 – a work in progress

  • Square Dots #1

    If you would like to know the price of Square Dots #1, contact me. If that statement makes you nervous, there’s no pressure to buy. Do feel free to ask me questions about my work.