Reconciling Capitalism

Where did it get lost?

That sense of who we are at the core.

Our creative selves.

Born into Capitalism, we had no chance to flourish, 

Unless the values of competition, unlimited growth, profit were honed.

We are not mindless resources to be exploited.

We are human animals.

We feel.

We love.

We create.

But not in a system that criticises and berates.

We can create and our art is necessary in these confines – 

Without it we would be so gray,

our shoulders drooping,

our heads hanging,

trudging to work for the matrix.

When it’s like that we do not feel.

We cannot.

We carry on and keep calm.

We contribute and burn ourselves out.

We become heroes.

For what?

To die on the front line sacrificing self for the good of the economy.

That is not the way.

Or, if that is the way then we have lost our creative selves.

Those selves that need stillness to be and do nothing.

To let go.

To let come.

To listen to what wants to emerge.

To move freely.

To live freely.

To love freely.

To be free.

To be.

We need to be.

Capitalism does not value that.

So neither does society.

They are entwined.

Values seeping.

But more and more, we, society, are returning to who we are.

Each person slowly coming back to feel,

To love,

To create,

To be.

And maybe we can change capitalism with our values 

As they dance around purposeful doing.

Maybe we can be with Capitalism and hold its hand,

While it grieves for its deeds.

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