Reconciling Capitalism

Yesterday, in my creative writing group, I wrote this piece called Reconciling Capitalism. I have been influenced by a couple of journal articles I’ve been reading for my research proposal, and also current and past political climates. I have recorded myself reading it and here it is:

Reconciling Capitalism is a 3 minute recording of a piece of creative writing

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Coronavirus Could Help Us Stop Polluting The Planet

Capitalism Feels Crazy When Contrasted with Experiences in Nature

Soft, beautiful moss in Stanmer Park, Brighton

Moss is so beautiful. The other day, when I was walking, I saw moss blanketing the ground beneath a huge tree. The moss looked so soft. I felt a strong urge to touch it so I wandered off the path, bent down and it was incredibly soft. I felt so happy in that moment, surrounded by trees, feeling that soft, natural substance beneath my finger tips. In that moment capitalism and Coronavirus didn’t exist. No-one demanded payment for me to have this experience. How crazy capitalism is in contrast! And yet I still have bills to pay and need to eat and my whole existence, right now, depends on making money. Thanks to Coronavirus, it’s really hitting home how wrong this system is. What are the alternatives?

What New Systems Can We Create That Feel Whole, Supportive and Collaborative?

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