Autumn / Winter Light (2020)

Autumn / Winter Light (2020
Acrylic on canvas
40 x 50 cm

Autumn / Winter Light took eighteen months to complete and I was thinking a lot about light and time during Autumn and Winter whilst painting it. It began as a reflection of Autumnal colours. As the days become shorter, daylight has yellow tones with orange sunsets. The nature of light is depicted as waves with complimentary coloured particles painted on them. Repetition of dots allowed for a meditative process whilst painting. Painting dots is also one of the ways in which I soothe myself when I’m triggered. For the dots I chose complementary colours to the brush stroke colours. I spent a lot of time between painting sessions looking at the painting to see what wanted to emerge next. There are many layers of paint, as you can see from the beginning (left) and end (right) photos of the process:

Here’s a gallery of the process:

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