Tag: rage

  • A River of Rage Resides in Me

    A river of rage resides in me And I am building it for you to see. Because it needs acknowledging; It needs to be let out to Burn everything in its path. Hot lava rushing through, Setting fire to all it touches, Licking gently at its victims As they turn to ashes.

  • Images of the Self: Small Me and Big Me

    Chalk pastels are one of my favourite art materials. I love the way they blend easily. This week I’ve been making drawings to create insights around self knowledge. The parts of my self that I’m focusing on are Small Me and Big Me. You can read more about them in my coaching blog post. Below […]

  • Feeling Small in Awe and Vulnerability

    I feel so excited to share my new style of painting with you! Sunset Teardrop is an amalgamation of my non-verbal responses to childhood trauma and to the awe of sunsets. How strange that these two should come together in one painting. Or perhaps it’s not so strange…