Heart Womb Room

“Seriously,” said Sandra, “if you feed it, it will grow.”

“What shall I feed it?” Said I. I didn’t quite believe her yet.

“You’re the only one who can answer that,” she smiled and a tiny dimple stroked her cheek briefly.

“But I don’t know the answer!” I felt hot and the words left me quickly. She smiled again. I shook my head, then stared at her. Silence.

Then, “what?” She laughed.

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Fucking pigeons!

Fucking pigeons! 

They land on the balcony and do their little dance. 

Beady eyes spying the corner where they laid eggs before. 

That sound as they land alerts me to them and I jump up and wave my arms. 

Sometimes they leave immediately. 

When it doesn’t work I turn the window handle to the open position. 

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Yes, we make a nice, soothing cup of tea

Light pours through my window. 

It does not trickle, it floods. 

Some things get covered. 

Some remain in the shade; 

Slightly cold and damp to touch. 

It is a poor second to being outside in the woods. 

Like a cat I find a sun spot and let the sun caress my toes. 

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