Tag: love

  • The Seed, The Bird and The Boots – A Love Story

    Once upon a time a seed landed on the top soil of a freshly dug garden. Laying on the moist earth, it felt at home and began to send roots down into the darkness amongst the worms and other night crawlers. It lay like this for a while through rain and shine, night and day, […]

  • The Birds and the Dragon: Fear and Love

    Once upon a time a creature emerged from the deep blue lake and surprised the birds nearby into silence. Gazing at the birds with a sort of recognition, the creature smiled. The birds saw the creature’s giant lips peel back and sharp yellowy teeth glistened in the sunlight. Bobbing down, the birds prepared for flight […]

  • The Wonderful Long Term Effects of Practising Compassion

    Here it is, folks, for you see – as plain as the nose on your face when you’re looking in a mirror. The Wonderful Long Term Effects of Practising Compassion: There’s clarity. There’s love. There’s asymmetrical equality. As always, if you would like to purchase this drawing  email me.

  • Heart Womb Room

    “Seriously,” said Sandra, “if you feed it, it will grow.” “What shall I feed it?” Said I. I didn’t quite believe her yet.