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  • The Wonderful Long Term Effects of Practising Compassion

    Here it is, folks, for you see – as plain as the nose on your face when you’re looking in a mirror. The Wonderful Long Term Effects of Practising Compassion: There’s clarity. There’s love. There’s asymmetrical equality. As always, if you would like to purchase this drawing ¬†email me.

  • How to Stop Beating Yourself Up and Feel Happier

    I’m late writing this blog post because I had writer’s block. When I delved deeper into why I couldn’t begin writing I found a critical inner voice saying, “no point in writing because people will be like, ugh! Oh shut up!” I asked myself what it was protecting me from and I realised I didn’t […]

  • Can Vision Boarding Help Your Mental Health?

    The traditional way of creating a vision board is to create one that contains images and affirmations for your future self. If, however, your Inner Critic is likely to beat you up for not doing the things on your vision board, or even tell you you’ll never do those things, it might be better to […]