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  • Self-coaching: small blue fist

    When I coach myself, I write out the conversation between the coach part of me and the coachee part of me in my journal. What follows is a particularly powerful self-coaching session. I’ve noticed more enjoyment of my body and how it moves since I coached myself.

  • Self-coaching snippet

    I wrote this snippet of self-coaching yesterday morning in my journal and thought I’d share it as you might like to try it for yourself (notice the questions I ask myself) or you might like me to coach you. This gives you a tiny insight into what coaching with me might be like (warm, accepting, […]

  • Can Vision Boarding Help Your Mental Health?

    The traditional way of creating a vision board is to create one that contains images and affirmations for your future self. If, however, your Inner Critic is likely to beat you up for not doing the things on your vision board, or even tell you you’ll never do those things, it might be better to […]

  • Clarity and Purpose With the Heart’s Desire Mandala

    The Heart’s Desire Mandala is a one page worksheet with five simple steps that help you: gain clarity about your heart’s desire (purpose) and identify actions to get closer to your heart’s desire